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About us

Since the founding of the Foil Hunters 2011, is our goal, to professional advise you as our customers and prescribe us all your individual wishes and needs. We offer you, in all of our efforts, actions and work our competent support, where you and your ideas are at the center.

We use only high-quality foils that create a durable end product and our foil catalog is always up to date, so we can provide you the best selection of foils.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of wrapping?

- Large selection of designs
- Pictures by digital printing
- More affordable then painting
- Faster installation and shorter downtime
- Easily removable and changeable
- Protection of the original paint
- Higher resale value
- No change of vehicle documents necessary

What kind of foils are there?

There are all kinds of colours and textures, from plain to carbon, leather look to brushed optic or flip flop. It is even possible to completely wrap your vehicle in a desired image.

Can the foil be removed?

Yes, it can be removed whenever you want! The foils do not cause any damage to the paint, so after removing, the car looks like it did before wrapping.

How long does the wrapping last?

The foils we use guarantee a lifetime of at least 5 to 7 years. With proper care, these limits may be exceeded by a few years.

How should I clean my wrapped car?

You can clean your wrapped car like a painted one. The only restriction here, is that you can't use hot wax, as this would damage the foil.

Can the sun damage the foil?

No, direct sunlight can’t damage your wrapped car. The foils we use have a heat resistance of -50 ° C to 110 ° C.

Our Services

Full or partial wrapping

For cars, trucks, trams, boats, motorcycles, bikes, furniture and more.

Paint protection

For a transparent protection of the original paint against scratches, stone chips and more.

Glass decor

For optical improvement or visual cover on doors and windows in offices or at home.

Window tinting

Protection against heat, UV-protection, antiglare and visual cover.

Digital printing

For a unique, distinctive design, or for advertising purposes.

Other services

Lettering, safety foil, facade wrapping, surface ennoblement for inside and outside.

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Managing Director: Jens Mausolf
Phone: 03643-9578021
Mobile: 015772497335

   Address: Budapester Str. 8
   99427 Weimar